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Fast Facts About THC, CBD, & Medicinal Marijuana

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Looking for natural relief from pain with medical marijuana? If you’ve been suffering from chronic pain, you might be a candidate for medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is comprised of cannabinoids — the active chemicals which are remarkably similar to the chemicals your body produces which are connected with appetite, movement, pain, and memory. THC and… read more

Our Patients Love Their Results

My Ant-Aging MD offers medical weight loss and HGH therapy in Arlington. Our physician-supervised rapid weight loss program runs for 6 weeks and features HCG for enhanced results. We also have a 90 appetite suppressant program that gets an average weight loss of 7 to 17 lbs a month. You don’t have to believe us… read more

Healthy Weight Loss Clinics in VA

The physicians and staff at My Anti-Aging MD understand that weight loss is not as easy as “exercise more, eat less.” The focus at My Anti-Aging MD is not simply on your weight, but instead on your overall health. Our physicians specifically tailor your weight loss program to your physiology. They look for underlying medical… read more

A Great HCG Program in Virginia

My Anti-Aging MD offers an exclusive, physician supervised rapid weight loss program. Our 6 week weight loss program offers an average loss of 1 – 2 pounds per day and utilizes HCG for enhanced results. Our physicians use HCG to stimulate 2 important weight loss factors; we want you to burn stored body fat to eliminate excess weight, and our… read more

Effective HRT in Virginia

Here at My Anti-Aging MD, we utilize functional, or anti-aging, medicine including hormone replacement therapy. We apply advanced medical and scientific technologies in order to prevent, identify, treat and reverse age related diseases. The goal of anti-aging medicine is not simply to prolong the total number of years of a persons life, but to also ensure… read more

Anti-Aging Treatments in Virginia

Anti-Aging treatments aren’t just for older people; the treatments also have many positive benefits for younger people as well. The human body has an incredible ability to repair itself and not everything can be fixed by a doctor. A visit with our team can help us identify where your body may not be properly functioning… read more

A Great Virginia Anti-Aging Clinic

Did you notice some new age lines in the mirror that you could swear weren’t there yesterday? Are you considering methods of removing these aging signs? At My Anti-Aging MD, our goal is to focus on making you healthier by proven, medical care. At My Anti-Aging MD you will enter a peaceful, intimate setting with a medical… read more