Common Myths About Weight Loss

In 2015, around half of all adults in the United States were trying to lose weight, and of those who were dieting to lose weight, which is the most common weight loss method, 98 percent of them failed. Weight loss is challenging, and it’s made even more challenging by all of the myths and misinformation that surrounds it. At My Anti Aging MD, we provide medical weight loss programs in Arlington that are designed to help you lose the weight and keep it off, and we are also dedicated to giving you the information you need to be successful in your weight loss journey. That’s why we’ve set out to debunk some of the most common myths about weight loss:

Myth #1. All calories, no matter what they’re from, are made equal.

Since a calorie is really just a measurement of energy, it makes sense that all calories provide the same amount of energy. However, this doesn’t mean that every food you eat will have the same effect on your body. Instead of counting calories, focus on eating nutrient-rich, healthy foods.

Myth #2. Dieting is the best way to lose weight.

While it’s true that dieting can certainly help you lose weight, the results are usually short-term for most dieters, and many of them will regain the weight (plus some) shortly after ending their diets. Dieting doesn’t work for long-term success because it’s based on short-term changes. In order to see real, lasting change, you need to make lifestyle changes that you can stick with.

Myth #3. Drinking water will help you lose weight.

This one is partly true. While drinking water in itself is good for your health, it won’t necessarily help you lose weight. But if you replace sodas, juices and other sugary beverages with water, it can help you lose weight.

Stop believing the myths about weight loss and start seeing results with My Anti Aging MD. Schedule your appointment today.

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