The Ancient History Of Medical Marijuana & Cannabis

In our last blog, we highlighted a few of our favorite facts about THC, CBD, and medicinal marijuana. While we at My Anti-Aging MD Ailment Wellness are Virginia’s premier anti-aging, weight loss, and HRT center, we are also Virginia and Florida medical marijuana doctors. Well, to be exact, not all of us our medicinal marijuana prescribers, but at any rate, we enjoy blogging about the subject. Some blogs, like our last one, might be a pinch more adventurous than what we’ve written in the past, while others remain firmly in our comfort zone of educating folks about Virginia medical marijuana

Today’s blog will attempt to do both; as the title already gave away, today’s blog is all about the history of cannabis and marijuana. Although we won’t be able to call this blog an exhaustive history of the plant and its uses (in good faith), we’ll do our best to cover some talking points. That way, you can be the life of your next party, assuming the topic of conversation comes up. If it doesn’t, don’t despair — you’ll just have to wait for your chance! 

With that preamble in the books, let’s dive into highlighting a few significant factoids related to the history of medical marijuana. 

  • Let’s start at 2,737 BCE, when the very first medicinal use of cannabis on record was, well, recorded by Emperor Shen Neng of China. Well done to Emperor Shen Neng and whoever he told to write cannabis’ medicinal properties down. 
  • 2,000-800 BCE – While this is a wide date range, it was a long time ago, so give us (and the historians we took it from) a bit of a break, please. This is when bhang (seeds, stems, and leaves from the cannabis plant) was mentioned in the Hindu sacred text, Science of Charms. They refer to it as “Sacred Grass,” which is one of the five sacred plants of India. 
  • 700-600 BCE – The sacred Persian religious text, Zoroastrian Zendavesta (containing a few hundred volumes), mentions bhang as the “good narcotic.” 
  • ~500 BCE – Scythian tribes, who were Eurasian nomads who mostly used Eastern Iranian languages, began leaving marijuana seeds in royal tombs as a form of offering.
  • 200 BCE – Hemp rope makes an appearance in Greece. Around the same time, the Chinese Book of Rites notes the existence of hemp fabric.  
  • 100 BCE – The first mention of hemp paper on record also came from China. It is thought that the Chinese invented this method. 
  • 70 CE – Dioscorides, a doctor in Emperor Nero’s army, mentions medical marijuana in his book, Pharmacopeia.CTA 1

Find Natural Relief With Medical Marijuana In Virginia

Now that we’ve given you enough ammunition for the aforementioned dinner party, it’s time to get down to brass tacks. The fact is, more and more people are deciding to forego the old way of prescription medication in favor of a natural approach to dealing with chronic pain and other ailments. Unlike opioids and other types of medications, marijuana is entirely natural that doesn’t carry the risks which other synthetic medications do. Learn more about medical marijuana and how it could help you right here.

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