Laser Weight Loss

My Anti-Aging MD is your trusted doctors for all laser weight loss treatments and anti-aging needs. You can depend on us to not only provide you with the medical information you need to know, but also products and solutions to help you with the body and health you desire.

For some, weight loss does not come easy. No matter what they try or what they do, they just cannot shed the extra pounds. If this sounds like you, My Anti-Aging MD has the perfect weight loss solution!

We are now introducing weight loss laser treatments though BodyFX. With this highly efficient technology, we are able to target your problematic areas, where the stubborn weight just won’t go away. Using researched and tested radio frequencies and Coolsculpting in a sophisticated and safe manner, the targeted area heats up to an optimal temperature, allowing for a gentle vacuum-like pressure to penetrate deep into your skin, tightening and contracting. Safe, effective, and efficient, this body contouring method may be the answer you need to start feeling great about yourself again.

With constant temperature monitoring and a high level of control, this process gives you the safety you need and the results you have been searching for to lose weight. Because of this, you’ll never have to worry about skin damage or burns. Weight loss laser treatments are a revolutionary solution to target those tricky areas that you cannot get rid of.

It’s time to reduce your fat, tighten your skin, and contour your body to look great again. Whether you are frustrated with cellulite, have stubborn bulges that refuse to leave, or you just want an all-around firmer body, the possibilities are endless with BodyFX and weight loss laser treatments. Get started today.

Find the solution you've been looking for with Coolsculpting!