Surprising Habits That Age You

Surprising Habits That Age You

There are many habits that could age you faster, and some of them may even surprise you.

While some aspects of the aging process, like genetics, are completely out of your control, many of your everyday habits can cause you to age even faster. Some of these habits, like smoking, sunbathing or eating a lot of sugar, are well-known age enhancers, but some of them are very surprising. Here are a few of those surprising, everyday habits that could be aging you faster:

#1. You sip through a straw.

While sipping through a straw might help to protect your teeth from stains, it can also make you look older than your years. That’s because sipping through a straw, like smoking cigarettes, requires you to purse your lips, which leads to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines around your mouth. In order to prevent additional lines and wrinkles from forming around your mouth, drink straight from the cup rather than sipping through a straw, and if you’re worried about your teeth getting stained, just avoid wine, dark sodas and other beverages that can stain them! Plus, at the end of the day, it’s much easier to whiten your teeth than it is to fight wrinkles and fine lines around your mouth.


#2. You binge watch TV shows.

With so many great shows available, and so many easy ways to stream those shows, it’s all too tempting to watch episode after episode in one sitting. Although this might be the best way to catch up on everyone’s latest obsession, it might not be such a great thing for your health or appearance. Sitting and watching TV for long periods means that you are inactive for long periods, which makes you feel less energized throughout the day, and could also cause you to gain weight.

#3. You are on a diet.

Before we talk about how dieting ages you, it’s important to know that going on a diet is not the same as making a lifestyle change to eat healthier. Eating healthier involves focusing on balancing your diet with more nutrient-rich foods and fewer fatty or sugary foods, whereas dieting typically involves cutting out entire food groups for short-term weight loss. Dieting can often be extreme, making it difficult to stick with. And that’s why many people experienced added stress when they go on a diet that can age them. Additionally, cutting out certain foods could also age you. For instance, people who eat low-fat diets often age faster. Getting an adequate amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet is important for keeping your skin supple and wrinkle-free.

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