HGH Therapy Arlington VA

What Causes Wrinkles?

Combatting wrinkles is easy with HGH therapy in Arlington, but what causes them in the first place? At My Anti Aging MD, we are proud to offer HGH therapy that can help you turn back the clock in multiple ways. One of the ways that HGH therapy helps you look and feel younger is by… read more

Tips for Protecting Your Skin From the Sun

The sun may be worse for your skin than you think! It’s common knowledge that sun exposure can make you look older and creates wrinkles, but not many people realize how bad sun exposure actually is for the skin. One study found that sun exposure accounted for 80 percent of aging skin, and that includes… read more

Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Age Gracefully

You can’t stop, slow down or control the aging process. It is an inevitable, natural process that we all must go through. However,¬†you can control how you age. Many different lifestyle factors contribute to how you age, and you will be glad to know that there are several lifestyle changes you can make to help… read more

A Time to Live: Ailment Wellness Medical Center’s HGH Therapy Arlington VA

The word is out that the fountain of youth no longer seems to be anything more than an untoward myth. While that takes some of the magic out of life, there is still good cause to be happy– we have options to keep us closer to youth and to stave off the aging process that… read more

Shaping Up: HCG Injections Alexandria VA

The idea of ‘shaping up’ is suddenly much more attainable than previously thought. We’re not commenting on your behavioral patterns, but we are talking about your body goals. We of the Ailment Wellness Medical Group are offering HCG Injections to Alexandria, VA and HCG injections to Arlington, VA! HCG is the healthy and natural hormone… read more