Common Addiction Myths That Can Put Your Recovery at Risk

There are many myths surrounding addiction, and unfortunately, believing some of them could put your recovery at risk.

While addiction medicine has come a long way, and scientists know more about how different substances affect the brain than ever before, addiction is still widely misunderstood. This may be why there are so many different myths about addiction that many people still believe. And, unfortunately, when people who suffer from addiction believe some of the myths, it can undermine their treatment and put their recovery at risk. That’s why your suboxone clinic in Florida — My Anti Aging MD — has set out to debunk some of the most common myths about addiction.

iti1Myth #1. People with addiction have no willpower.

For many years, people believed that addiction meant moral failure or a weakness in willpower, and some people still believe that even today. However, modern science sees addiction as a disease, not a failure of will or a moral weakness of some sort. And, like with any disease, no amount of willpower will help you manage it without the right treatment.

Myth #2. It’s better to be addicted to a prescription drug than an illegal drug.

Many people believe that, since they are prescribed by a doctor, prescription drugs — including legal opioids — are much safer than drugs that are illicit and illegal, like heroin or or meth. This may be why, in the United States, upwards of 15 million people abuse prescription drugs, and it is also part of the reason why drug-related deaths have skyrocketed in the past few years. The reality is that prescription drugs are only safe when you take them as prescribed, and any abuse puts your life at risk and leads to addiction.

Myth #3. Using medication to treat drug addiction is the same as trading one substance abuse problem for another.

At the end of the 19th Century, heroin was created in response to the widespread addiction to another opioid — morphine. As we now know, this only led to heroin addiction. However, the medications today that are used to treat substance abuse are not designed to get you high, like heroin, which was sold because it provided the same effects as morphine. Today’s drug addiction medications are designed to help to ease the symptoms of withdrawal, and they are FDA approved for use under the oversight of a doctor.

Myth #4. Treatment will cure your addiction.

Addiction is a chronic health condition, and it can’t be cured like many other diseases can. This is because addiction recovery is an ongoing process. For example, someone who has been an alcoholic for 20 years probably won’t be able to drink moderately one day. Think of addiction treatment as more like treatment for diabetes. No, it can’t be cured, but with proper, ongoing treatment, it can be managed.


If you suffer from an addiction, stop believing the myths and start taking the first step toward recovery. At our suboxone clinic in Florida, we offer carefully designed programs aimed at helping you find your way through addiction. Schedule your free consultation to find out if our program is right for you.

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