Healthy Habits to Keep You Looking and Feeling Young

There are many health habits that can help you look and feel younger and more vibrant.

At My Anti Aging MD, we know that you want to extend your youth as long as possible, and you’ll be glad to know that our experts can help turn back the clock with HGH therapy in Arlington, VA. In addition to HGH therapy, there are many healthy habits you can start doing on a daily basis to make you look and feel younger:

#1. Skip the Sweets

The vast majority of Americans consume way too much sugar, and that heavy sugar consumption has consequences. In addition to increasing your risk for a whole host of health concerns, a diet high in sugar can also accelerate the age of your cells, which puts you at a higher risk for many metabolic diseases.

#2. Get Plenty of Sleep

Nothing will leave you feeling great quite like a full night of sleep will, and there is a very good reason why it is referred to as “beauty sleep.” Sleep deprivation actually amplifies the signs of aging skin, like fine lines and uneven tone, and it makes it more difficult for your skin to heal itself. Adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep every night, so aim for at least seven hours.

#3. Start Exercising

Not only will exercising regularly make you feel great, it can also make your skin look younger! One study found that working out just three hours a week can help to make your skin look younger. Even if you start out going on walks or practicing yoga, a little exercise will go a long way!

#4. Drink Lots of Water

Proper hydration is important for both feeling and looking younger. Staying properly hydrated helps the skin to repair itself and promotes circulation. You’ll be happy to know that drinking water regularly also helps to prevent weight gain. Adults need approximately 1.9 liters of water every day for optimal hydration.

#5. Wear Sunscreen

Sun exposure can cause rough patches, wrinkles, discoloration and sagging, but luckily, it’s easy to prevent sun damage by wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. Just make sure that you pick a sunscreen that is at least SPF 15.

#6. Fight Stress

Stress is harmful in so many ways, and it can make you look and feel a lot older than you are. Whether you get a massage, go out for a drink with friends or crank up your favorite music, it’s important to find a way to combat stress in your life.

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