Drinking Water for Weight Loss


Could drinking water actually help you lose weight?

We all know that it’s important to drink water, but did you know that it may help you shed a few extra pounds? While water isn’t a miracle substance that will burn more fat or shed more calories, drinking water could still help you lose weight. Here is a list from our medical weight loss experts in Alexandria of a few ways that water could help you reach your weight loss goals:

#1. It will help you burn more calories.

Your metabolic rate actually increases after about a half a liter of water has been consumed. One study found that the resting energy expenditure increases by a whopping 24-30 percent within just 10 short minutes of drinking water, and the exciting part is that the increase lasts for about an hour.

#2. It will help you eat less.

Drink a glass of water before you sit down and eat a meal, and you are likely to find that you can’t eat as much as your normally would have without the water. Additionally, many people confuse thirst with hunger, and they end up eating when what they really need is water. If you make it a point to stay hydrated, you’ll find yourself snacking less.

#3. It will give you more energy.

Fatigue or a lack of energy is a common sign of dehydration. Although water does not contain calories or caffeine, it can help you stay hydrated, which means that you’ll stay energized. Since the brain is mostly made up of water, staying hydrated can also help you think more clearly and stay sharp.

#4. It helps to prevent injury.

When you are hydrated properly, it will aid in the elasticity of your muscles and the lubrication of your joints. This helps to prevent sores muscles, sprains and cramps that can derail your progress at the gym.

#5. It replaces other beverages.

One of the biggest benefits of drinking more water is that it will replace other beverages that aren’t so good for your waistline. By drinking more water, you’ll drink fewer high-calorie beverages, like soda or juice. This will save you in both sugar and calories.

While water itself isn’t a magic weight loss pill, consuming more water could help you whittle your waist. If you are one of the many people who struggle with drinking water, opt for sparkling water, lemon water, green tea (without the added sugar), soup and produce that has a high water content, such as watermelon, grapefruit and cantaloupe.





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