5 Reasons to Start Losing Weight Today

We all want to lose weight to look and feel better, but there is so much more to it than that. The sad fact is that by simply being obese, you could be cutting a good twenty years off of your life.¬†At My Anti-Aging MD, we can provide you with the medical weight loss that you have been looking for in Arlington, VA, and while it will take some work to reach your goals, with our help and support, it won’t be as much of a struggle. Losing weight is so important, not only for your confidence levels, but also for your health. The following is a list of the top 5 reasons to lose weight for your health and your life:

  1. Your brain- Did you know that obesity can actually weaken the blood-brain barrier and allow unwanted substances into your brain? Studies have shown that obese adults tend to do more poorly on cognitive tests than their healthy-weight counterparts.
  2. Your skin- Do you suffer from psoriasis? Obesity has been linked to psoriasis, and studies have shown that participants who consumed a low-calorie diet saw an improvement in their psoriasis over an eight week period.
  3. Your sleep- Did you know that losing weight can actually help you to enjoy a deeper night’s sleep? Not only will losing weight help you to sleep better at night, but it will give you more energy to take on the day.
  4. Your sex life- Not only does losing weight help you to be more confident and less inhibited in bed, but it can also help your heart and blood vessels to be healthier, which can lead to an improved libido and better erectile function.
  5. Your wallet- Being overweight makes you much more susceptible to a variety of medical issues, and treating those issues can get expensive.

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