The O Shot

dreamstime_12486574When people hear the term “sexual dysfunction,” they often think it’s a male problem that’s being discussed. No matter what television channel we might turn to, we are bombarded with ads for prescription medications designed to treat male sexual issues. What about female sexual dysfunction, though? What can be done to help women who need a little assistance in order to enjoy their sexuality?

At My Anti-Aging MD, we offer an answer. Because feeling youthfully vibrant and sexual has a huge impact on your overall health, we believe it is our duty as an anti-aging clinic to help you enjoy all parts of your body, relationships, and life.

The O-Shot will help you secure this happiness.

What is the O-Shot?

The O-Shot is an injection, but it isn’t made from pharmaceutical drugs the way Viagra and other sexual dysfunction medications are. The O-Shot uses your body—more specifically, your blood—to heal itself in an intimate way. The injection is made from platelet-rich plasma (PRP) taken directly from your blood. When used correctly, this PRP therapy can do wonders to repair the more sensitive, damaged, and aged tissues in your body.


How does the O-Shot work?

PRP therapies, like the O-Shot, have been used for a long time in the treatment of athletic injuries. Because of PRP’s ability to rapidly aid the healing process, it has been used to speed up recovery time from injuries and to help patients recover from surgeries and procedures. When used to help your sexual organs, PRP injected at critical points can re-boot your body’s system for sexual responses, giving you a new sexual start! The healing power of your body’s PRP will rejuvenate your most intimate interests.


What are the benefits of the O-Shot?

Women who have tried the O-Shot have reported some spectacular results. Even women who have been suffering with various forms of sexual dysfunction for years have reported vast improvements in their libidos, performance, and general sexual function. Women who couldn’t achieve orgasm have found that they are able to after the O-Shot. Women who had diminished interest in sex found their appetites to be restored. Women who had pain during intercourse as a general rule could now enjoy the pleasures without the pain. While PRP therapy and the O-Shot’s benefits can extend beyond the sexual sphere, it is clear that the O-Shot can, and will continue to, help many women re-experience their sexual lives.

* Results May Vary

How do I know if I have sexual dysfunction?

At My Anti-Aging MD, we never require you to label yourself with a dysfunction in order to seek treatment. If you are unhappy with any part of your sexual life, performance, or interest, just talk to us to see if the O-Shot can help you. There’s no need to be bashful, even if this is an uncomfortable topic for you. A healthy sex life is part of a healthy you, and we are concerned about your health at every level! However, because so many women suffer in silence from sexual dysfunction, it is important to discuss the reality of the sexual experience for many modern women.

Common types of sexual dysfunction in women include:

  • Low Desire:Diminished libido can interfere with anyone’s sex life. Keeping a healthy, active lifestyle and reducing stress levels can help, but low desire can still seem like an insurmountable issue to many women. If low sexual desire causes disruption in a woman’s life, it is becomes known as Hypoactive Sexual Disorder. Almost 30% of premenopausal women, over 50% of naturally menopausal women, and around 12-13% of surgically-induced menopausal women face life with HSSD.
  • Female Sexual Arousal Disorder:When arousal issues reach the point that they become a disorder, they almost always accompany HSSD. However, even if sexual arousal issues aren’t causing a major disruption in your life, they can still keep you from enjoying a happy sexual life. The disorder, itself, affects about one out of every 20 women. It’s safe to assume that less severe arousal problems affect many more than that. If you feel like you have trouble getting aroused or feeling pleasure from arousal, you might be one of many women who need assistance in this part of their sexual lives.
  • Female Orgasmic Disorder:This also affects around one in 20 women, and refers to the problems many women face in the bedroom when they feel aroused but cannot actually reach orgasm. While this can also stem from problems in the relationship, or stress issues, the problem might also be simply fixed by natural bodily healing. If you are experiencing problems reaching an orgasm, you might be tempted to avoid sex all together, and you might find it difficult to discuss this problem with your partner (at risk of starting the “blame game”). You can talk to us about it, though. We are not here to judge or point fingers, only to help and bring healing!
  • Dyspareunia and Pain:Dyspareunia is a serious condition which causes women to suffer physical pain during sex. It affects up to 10% of women. Dyspareunia is more than just a lack of arousal and lubrication and is considered a separate issue from those kinds of problems. However, up to half of American women have admitted to experiencing some kind of pain or dysfunction during sex, and many of these problems can lead to pain if they are never helped.


If you feel like the O-Shot can help you enjoy a happier healthier sex life, then please contact us. We want to help. After all, better sex can lead to more energy, better health, and more stable relationships and stress—which often stems from sexual dysfunction problems—is the enemy of all those things. So contact us today for a free consultation, and let’s start your journey to complete wellness!

* Results May Vary