Anti-Aging Clinic Services

Anti-Aging Medical Care & Therapy

We utilize functional or anti-aging medicine. We apply advanced medical and scientific technologies in order to prevent, identify, treat and reverse age related diseases. The goal of anti-aging is not simply to prolong the total number of years of a persons life, but to also ensure that those years are lived in a productive and satisfying manner.

At My Anti-Aging MD you will enter a peaceful, intimate setting with a medical staff that is dedicated to providing patients with compassionate and individualized care. Our physicians will help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

Care Methods

The human body has the incredible ability to repair itself. It cannot be completely fixed by a doctor. Even after undergoing surgery, the body works to heal itself when the wound is closed. What purpose does the doctor serve? He or she identifies the underlying problem(s) that are preventing the body from healing. Some of these problems can manifest in the following forms:

  • Deficiencies: The lack of vitamins, minerals and essential fats, oils and carbohydrate molecules that are processed out of the American diet.
  • Toxicities: Sudden or gradual accumulation of substances that negatively affect the body’s biochemistry
  • Infections: Acute or chronic infections are frequent, but can be very hard to identify.
  • Hormonal (Endocrine) Imbalance: – A condition which plays a major role in prolonging disability.

Our goal at My Anti-Aging MD is to identify these problems and support the body’s miracle of repairing itself. We also assist patients who are interested in fine tuning and maintaining their health and vitality in an effort to pursue an anti-aging strategy.
Whatever your concern, our practice views your health care through a whole-body approach.